Manual facelift

The manual facelift is a new method that manages to significantly rejuvenate the face without using a scalpel. Already after the first treatment the effects can be seen – the wrinkles are gone, the face is regenerated, looking young and fresh.

The manual facelift is a very fine massage technique, tender to the skin that aims to mimic the facial muscles. It is accompanied with a pleasant feeling of a deep relaxation and inner peace. By relaxing the facial muscles and improving the skin blood circulation leads to a regeneration of the tissue and elastic structures, the waste product removal and the metabolism is accelerated, the hypodermic fat decreases. The nourishment is activated and the skin tone increases. As a result of this special technique there is a younger look and a fine appearance. It also works for reducing stress, restoring the harmony of the soul, making you feel content and mentally refreshed.

The massage itself is very pleasant.

Thanks to its effectiveness the manual facelift is becoming more and more popular. It is used by a wide spectrum of clients. The method has been acknowledged by plastic surgeons as a very effective and useful regenerative technique.

The effect of the massage is permanent only if it is carried out regularly. For a long-term effect, it is recommended to have from 8 to 10 sessions, 1 - 2x weekly. Then just a maintenance massage is enough once a month.


  • the skin growing old and the creation of wrinkles is slowed down
  • the skin elasticity is increased
  • a pleasant relaxation, works calmingly on the skin nerves endings
  • thanks to this massage the blood circulation is stimulated, the colour of the skin and its breathing improves, the waste product removal is accelerated
  • by accelerating tissue metabolism in the skin, the hypodermic fat is decreased
  • tiredness is reduced, the psychce is positively influenced
  • the face tension relaxes

Contraindication (non-recommendations)

  • purulent disease or other inflammatory skin lesions of the face
  • painful inflaming of the facial nerves
  • disorder of the thyroid gland
  • acute headaches
  • infectious diseases
  • tumour diseases


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